Chans Tailor, a Bangkok based clothing company, has an international reputation for producing the finest handmade clothes. We offer a friendly, professional service and will provide you with expert advice based on more than 30 years of experience. Chans Tailor makes a large range of garments for Gentlemen and Ladies in styles, fabrics and colors to express your personal style.



My Schedule

Wed 14th Feb – San Diego / LA
Thurs 15th Feb – LA
Fri 16th Feb – SF
Sat 17th Feb – SF
Sun 18th Feb – SF
Mon 19th Feb – Denver
Tues 20th Feb – Houston
Wed 21st Feb – Dallas
Thurs 22nd Feb – Dallas
Fri 23rd Feb – Iowa
Sat 24th Feb – Iowa

Sun 25th Feb – Kansas
Mon 26th Feb – Raleigh, NC (from 1 PM)
Tues 27th Feb – Spartanburg, SC / Pembroke, NC
Wed 28th Feb – Raleigh
Thurs 29th Feb – Charlotte
Fri 1st Mar – Charlotte / Mt Gilead
Sat 2nd Mar – Wilmington
Sun 3rd Mar – Fayetteville / Jacksonville

Mon 4th Mar – Edenton
Tues 5th Mar – Raleigh
Wed 6th Mar – Boston
Thurs 7th Mar – NY / NJ
Fri 8th Mar – NJ / VA
Sat 9th Mar – VA / DC / MD
Sun 10th Mar – VA / DC / MD
Mon 11th Mar – PA (evening)
Tues 12th Mar – PA
Wed 13th Mar – PA

Upcoming trip around February to March 2023

What our clients say about us

Thank you for the outstanding shirts, Chan. I have received numerous compliments on the fit and fabric, and I hope to introduce friends to you on your next trip to Minnesota.

Matt, Minnesota

The suit and the shirt make the man, right? And no one does it like Chan.

Ella Mentree, United States

I wore the suit to a dinner party this past weekend and was complemented by many people on how well it fit. Thank you.

Daniel Gruver, United States