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My Schedule

Tues 22nd Feb – San Francisco
Wed 23rd Feb – San Francisco
Thurs 24th Feb – Los Angeles
Fri 25th Feb – Los Angeles
Sat 26th Feb – Atlanta
Sun 27th Feb – Kansas
Mon 28th Feb – Iowa
Tues 1st March – Iowa
Wed 2nd March – MN
Thurs 3rd March – MN
Fri 4th March – MN

Sat 5th March – Dallas
Sun 6th March – Dallas / Houston
Mon 7th March – Houston
Tue 8th March – Raleigh, NC
Wed 9th March – Raleigh / Winston Salem / Hickory
Thurs 10th March – Greenville, SC / Ashville / Gastonia
Fri 11th March – Charlotte
Sat 12th March – Charlotte / Monroe
Sun 13th March – Jacksonville / Morehead City
Mon 14th March – Wilmington

Tue 15th March – NC
Wed 16th March – Charlotteville, VA / MD / DC
Thurs 17th March – PA
Fri 18th March – PA
Saturday 19th March – Boston
Sunday 20th March – Chicago
Monday 21st March – Chicago
Tuesday 22nd March – Dayton
Wednesday 23rd March – VA / MD / DC
Thursday 24th March – NJ

Upcoming trip around February to March 2023